Forget the white shark. The great villain of the oceans is plastic. It’s been a century since it was invented and it is very much likely that the first plastic produced is still amongst us. That’s because its decomposition takes a long time. One single pet bottle, for example, takes 450 years to disappear. Scary, huh?

Now, can you believe that even knowing about this huge life of plastic, people still dismiss it unconsciously, without thinking about the consequences for our lives? The planet will still be here without us. It’s us that can’t go on without it.

To preserve life, we have to preserve the planet. So, before you buy or use plastic, think: “Do I really need this?” or “Can I not replace plastic for something else”? In the matter of plastic flip-flops, it’s simple: just change it for a Green Flip Flops. Oh, and don’t forget to always worry about putting the plastic in the right place. Because in the oceans, it can’t go.