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Reasons to Choose Green Flip Flops

Reasons to Choose Green Flip Flops

The versatility and affordability of plant-based Flip Flops is taking over the place of previously used regular plastic Flip Flops.

Plastics are easily available all around the world and giving very high profits to the manufacturers. Due to its lightweight, easy maintenance, and waterproof nature, many brands use it as Flip Flops' main component. However, they are not good from environmental standpoint. Today, various footwear brands have understood the need for earth restoration, so they are replacing these plastic Flip Flops with plant-based Flip Flops for men and women. Green Flip Flops took the initiative to save the natural Resources by manufacturing attractive vegan Flip Flops. 

Trendsetter - 

The Flip Flops by Green Flip Flops come with a lot of color options. The affordable price and availability of options are making it quite popular. People of every age group love the feeling of wearing these. A unique combination of straps and sole enhance the complete look of these Flip Flops. These Flip Flops go with every kind of outfit. Fish style, Nazare, and vintage print are catching the attention of buyers. The rarely found color coordination is getting appreciated among every age group. These are the best thoughtful option to use and also to gift. Due to durability, the investment in this is a profitable one.      

Recyclable - 

Green Flip Flops are 100% recyclable. They are made up of PVC and plant-based plasticizers. It is the most acceptable alternative to primary plasticizers. Researchers have made Flip Flops from 100% renewable, a high percentage of vegan components, prepared from soybean and sugarcane-like plant-based oils. 

Shoe foam soles are typically made up of EVA (Ethylene -vinyl acetate), which is usually petroleum-based. Petroleum is one of the most highly polluting substances on earth.

Environment-friendly -   

The dumped regular shoes contaminates the soil very badly. However, eco-friendly Flip Flops do not contaminate the soil. The Green Flip Flops are made from soya and sugarcane like plant based materials. Active grip, high density, and renewable plasticizers are the three basic qualities of Green Flip Flops. Hence, it is highly recommended to buy plant-based flip flops.